Our decorative fish net assortments are authentic recycled fishing net. The nets are cleaned and processed. 
The colors will slightly vary from different shades of  brown to black. Since we used recycled net,  there will be signs of wear and tear.   

 Please be aware, we will ship color available. 

However, for an additional cost, ($0.50 per piece)  you may specify color. Please, make sure to add this comment on your order. If you need assistance with this request, feel free to contact us .

 Vine & Grass Wreath W/Seashells & Stars
$24.00 $20.00
Nautical themed décor.  Great for any room, door or patio. Made with vines and grass with Irish Deep Scallop, Pecten Radula and White Finger Starfish.  Sizes, colors and shapes of components may vary due to the nature of the product...
Beautiful for garden walkways. Beautiful patio decoration. Perfect for a gift.