About Us

U. S. Shell has grown from a small company into one of the largest wholesale distributors and import/exporters of seashells and nautical accessories in the world. The company has been selling handmade souvenirs from beach combing treasures since its start in Port Isabel, Texas. Captain Bud Harris first established the company in 1950 and it has been operated by four generations of the Harris family ever since. Currently, Robert "Bob" Harris and his wife Liz are the proprietors, however, their two daughters Brenda and Bobbie, along with five grandchildren, and Millie Harris all have active roles in the business. They have a long-time staff of energetic and faithful employees.


Our Vision


The Harris family attributes the success of their business to their faith in Jesus Christ and their God-fearing business ethics. They have been blessed with dedicated and conscientious employees, and they aspire to treat their employees, as well as their customers, with respect and fairness to ensure the success of all involved. U.S. Shell looks forward to a bright future that is committed to the finest customer service and the determination to expand the industry.             


Warning! Choking Hazard. Small parts. Seashells are a natural product not intended for children under the age of 14. Caution! Seashells have sharp edges and points. Handle with care